Jayne Marriott
    Equine Dental Services
              BEVA/BVDA Qualified . BAEDT full member. Fully Insured.UK Trained. Equine Dentistry in Lincolnshire

Jayne Marriott
Equine Dental Services

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                                                                                                                                                                      *Photo by Macauley Bowers Photography.

Here at Jayne Marriott Equine Dental Services we offer a professional and friendly equine dental service in and around Lincolnshire catering for all sorts of sizes and needs. Whether you have a retired happy hacker or a top competition horse, every horse is as important as each other. We thrive off good horsemanship skills, knowledge of the mouth and honest partnerships between us, the client and the horse. 


. Lincolnshire

. South Yorkshire

. Nottingham


.  Fully Insured

. Trained under BAEDT member James Arkley 

                                                 .  Fully UK Trained/ fully Qualified cat 1 and 2 

                                                 .  British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA)        

                                                 .  British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) 

                                                 .  Member of the British Association Of Equine 
                                                    Dental Technicians (BAEDT)

* Included in your visit *   you will receive a dental chart explaining the pathology of your horses mouth and how it was treated plus a automatic dental reminder through email letting you know when were ready to book you back in. 

*Card payment now available*   *Pre pay online here                   

The most common question asked......

Many clients ask 'so how do horses cope in the wild?' .  In the wild horses are grazing on much tougher terrain, they have there

 heads down in the natural position foraging, in many cases they don't live as long and they are not ridden. The domesticated horse 

grazes on much finer/better/richer grass, has access to hay, haylage and hard feeds which they wouldn't have in the wild and

of course hay nets! This means there teeth may not wear down equally, it makes it harder for caps to shed (baby teeth), sharp 

enamel points are produced and decay in the teeth is more common because of the feeds and licks we provide. Its our job as a 

dentist to keep the horses mouth as balanced and as comfortable as possible so you get the best out of your trusty steed! Equine dental treatments can be traced back thousands of years. It was a common job for horse men during World War 1, there were hundreds of equine dentists back then treating the war horses. 

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